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Breaking | Hip Hop | Open Style Choreography

Mississauga-native JD De Mesa grew up watching world-renowned dance crews like the Jabbawockeez, Quest Crew and the Kinjaz. He developed a passion and love for dance and hip hop culture and was inspired to create and share his artistry and creativity.

JD only started dancing at 15 when he joined the dance club at his high school. He performed at every school event he could and would lead the dance club for two years. JD also taught dance workshops at other schools while performing at local showcases, art galleries, shops, and other events in and around his community. He has danced with ProviDance, Indivisuals, competed with his own established crew, Waves, and battled against elite Ontario dancers. JD currently choreographs for the UWFSA Hip Hop Dance Team, Kasama Kollective, Vybes, and the OG Muses.

After representing UWFSA for the first time and leading their Hip Hop Dance Team at FILCASA's Superskillz 2020, JD was motivated to turn his love for dance and teaching into a career and founded JD DANCE with the hope of inspiring others through dance to impact people in a positive way.



Contemporary | Hip Hop | Jazz Funk | Heels | Open Style Choreography

Hailing from Etobicoke, Siena Marie Tigley is an emerging artist who dances, makes choreography, sings, and writes music and poetry. She has a dance background in Filipino folk-inspired dance, various street styles, jazz, modern dance, ballet, and musical theatre. Her current style of dance revolves around dancehall, reggaeton, heels, and street dance-inspired moves and grooves, taking inspiration from dancers such as Ysabelle Capitulé, Parris Goebel, Cisco Ruelas, and Pauline Casino.

Siena's passion for dance started after training at the Etobicoke School of the Arts. From there, she continued her training and movement exploration with Ground 9 (sub-group of K9 Collective), Parangal Dance Company, Kindingsindaw, and various classes virtually and around the GTA.

After taking interest in the choreographic process, Siena worked on choreography for music videos by artists such as Amad Freeman, Avibe, and gee. She continues to explore various ways of executing movement, and always looks forward to teaching and sharing her own findings and interpretations of movement with others wanting to learn.



Hip Hop | Contemporary | Open Style Choreography

Erin Lam is an artist who has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She has practiced in dance styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, modern, hip hop, musical theatre, and street styles. Erin has also competed with C2 Genesys, Twelve65, KazoKrew and How Spicy.

Erin currently practices experimental freestyling, training to expand and cultivate her dance style. She has an open mindset and is extremely passionate about dance as she enjoys sharing and exchanging good energy with others through dance.



Breaking | Hip Hop | House | Open Style Choreography

Matthew Morales is a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, and event producer. Working in the industry since 2017, his dance credits include the Toronto Raptors North Side Crew, the Toronto Argonauts A-Team, and choreographing and dancing for recording artists in a wide variety of music videos. As an event producer, Matthew has created over a dozen dance and youth-focused events in the GTA under his production company: xM². Blending various street styles through choreography and freestyle lessons, Matthew strives to help dancers of all ages find the confidence to speak freely through their movement.



Hula | Filipino Folk Dance

Caitlyn Centeno-Maramba is a nursing student based in Mississauga/Toronto. She has been dancing with her respective groups since 2009. Caitlyn has always been attracted to the beauty, art, and history of music and culture. She loves performing locally and internationally, but truly appreciates watching others perform. Her dance families are the motivation behind her ever-growing love for dance. Although she has only ever pursued ethnic dance styles, a lot of her inspiration and passion comes from her parents. Caitlyn grew up listening to hip hop, R&B, dancehall, house, reggaeton, and Spanish music, and these influences heavily resonate with her today.



Open Style Choreography

Haj Yu started competing in Vancouver for 3 years, touching the foundations of all styles like hip hop, tap, jazz, and locking, and training in Open-Style Choreography with Angelo Admana, Edwin Maina, and Gabriel Galedo. After moving to Waterloo, she has danced, competed, choreographed, and co-directed Origins for 4 years. Throughout her time, she competed at numerous competitions, taught many drop-in classes, and showcased in Waterloo, Mississauga, and Toronto. Though she loves to dance and teach, she also loves being a student by diving into different dance forms and working to use her creativity and artistry to create and direct meaningful stories. Over the pandemic, she has taught at a local studio in Waterloo, trained through various online platforms and programs, and has started Dancing W/Haj to bring communities together during the pandemic.

As an instructor, Haj strives to create a supportive, encouraging, and safe environment, healthy mindset, and provide appropriate tools to help nurture and push students to their full potential. She believes in developing a personal connection and relationship with students, understanding that both teachers & students are humans first, and never losing sight that dance comes down to expression.



Open Style Choreography

Tanny Panesar is a movement artist residing in the Greater Toronto Area who focuses on cultivating a space of mindfulness and intentional energy in which authentic storytelling can take place. His current movement currently reflects his inspirations from qigong, breathwork, and morphing. His training began at a young age in Bhangra (Punjabi folk dance), hip hop, contemporary jazz, and moved on to directing his high school dance team. Since then, he has directed and choreographed for Origins and has showcased at events under various choreographers at ACAD, Final Stretch, and FeverAfterDark. He has had the privilege to perform at Rebel, opening for Rajan905, and Tory Lanez at 6Fest 2019 as a dancer. He has also choreographed for Alexander Stewart’s newest music video and freestyled in Rajan905's music video. Tanny has trained with the Illustrative Society - led by Joe Tuliao, Ethos - led by Selene Haro, ABBD - led by Sorah Yang, and trained under the styles of Neil Robles, Peter D’Souza, and Markus Pe Benito. He is passionate about storytelling through movement and cinematography.

Tanny is looking forward to sharing more of his experiences and stories through his art, cultivating a safe environment to experiment and express, and connecting with others who relate to the art form of mindful movement.



Hip Hop | K-Pop | Open Style Choreography

Nikki Natnat started off in the competitive scene of the K-pop dancing community. Then she transitioned into the Toronto dance scene in 2016 where she learned about a fusion of styles (popping, locking, hip hop, modern) and trained competitively with K9 Collective. From 2019 to 2021, she trained with UTM’s competitive dance team, NuMonic, where she co-led and organized a dance team both in-person and online. She performed in various events like Prelude New Jersey, North Side Story, OUCH, BYOB, and ReDefine. Today, she continues to nurture her heart for dance and her love to empower others through it.



K-Pop / J-Pop | Open Style Choreography

Dominique Salazar is a self-taught dancer who found her passion for dance through the discovery of K-pop. She grew up watching K-pop groups such as 4Minute, Wonder Girls, Girls' Generation, and After School. Determined to learn her favourite K-pop dances, Dominique has been using YouTube videos as her guide to learn ever since she was 10 years old.

At 15, she joined her high school's dance club where she learned the basics of hip hop. Throughout high school, Dominique performed at school events, tried her hand at original choreography, and was the co-leader of her dance club for two years. She has choreographed for and danced with Unit122, and currently dances with WAKcrew who focuses on K-pop dance covers. Although Dominique is passionate about K-pop, she loves trying out different styles of dance and always strives to grow as a dancer.

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Hip Hop | Open Style Choreography

Jamie Fernandez started out her journey in grade 9 by auditioning for Risen, which was the high school dance crew. After competing at her first dance competition, Bring Your Own Beat, she found her new passion and drive in life. Jamie then joined YYZ Company, where she trained and is greatly influenced by their movement and ambition. Eventually, Jamie learnt that she loves guiding people, helping others – in not only dancing but many other things – and providing a space where anyone can be pushed to be a better version of themselves and still have fun. Jamie’s ultimate goal is to become an international choreographer because she would love to travel the world and teach other dancers, on top of learning even more about dance and meeting new people. Currently, Jamie is in school for dance to further explore other styles.

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Open Style Choreography

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