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JD DANCE is an organization that fosters community and inclusivity. JD DANCE has collaborated with us for a year and has brought positivity to both our communities! The head instructor, JD, is a wonderful person and an amazing dance instructor for any dance level. I recommend this institution to any organizations looking to create a workshop in this field!

Miguel D.
Abbotsford, BC

Although dancing is not my forte, JD made it easy for me to step out of my comfort zone while he was teaching. He is everything I aspire to be - inspirational, motivational, passionate, and he is an admirable leader. I always feel elated after his classes and I would love to attend them over and over again.

Whitby, ON

JD is a talented and dedicated dancer who is passionate about his work. At first, I wasn't comfortable dancing, but he encouraged me and helped me get out of my comfort zone. His support is exceptional, and he helps you in every step of the way.

Atheena B.
Scarborough, ON.

I love JD's studio and JD himself! He's an amazing dancer, choreographer, and person. I was a former dancer, and upon meeting JD, he reignited my passion for dance again. Talking to him about dance you can really see the passion he has for it and he'll definitely help you achieve your goals towards what you want in your sessions!

Toronto, ON

Amazing studio! I’m not the type of person who dances a lot unless I’m being silly but JD DANCE is definitely the place where I’m able to let loose and have fun dancing while learning a lot of new moves (and some good exercise)! JD has been great to speak to in order to learn more about hip hop and breaking but most importantly, this studio is very flexible during lockdown right now. It's understood that lockdown is currently going on but has provided the alternative of live Zoom classes! Also, very active updates! Definitely a go-to for my dancing needs!

Melissa J.
Mississauga, ON

JD is one of the kindest and most hardworking people I know! He knows a lot about dance, as he has been dancing for a very long time, and is a great teacher for kids and adults. Looking forward to keep learning from him! Would definitely recommend!

Nohelia L.
Mississauga, ON

JD is one of the hardest working people I know, and also one of the kindest! Don’t doubt that the energy he brings to the studio and others will be anything but great and positive!

Christine J.
Mississauga, ON

Absolutely wonderful! Talented, so energetic, and a dream instructor! The vibes are immaculate and I am really grateful for the practice he has helped me with to ensure I don't look like a fool at this upcoming debut, and actually enjoy dancing! He even helped my boyfriend out with some moves, so trust me, miracle worker indeed!

Althea S.
Richmond Hill, ON

Love his dance classes! Easy to follow and friendly service! Definitely gonna recommend it to my friends!

Chloë S.
Mississauga, ON

JD is the reason I am no longer embarrassed to dance in public! As someone who has never been coordinated, I can now say I am as graceful as a swan! Excellent work. Ten out of ten. I’ve suggested him to all my friends and my daughter!

Elliza J.
Mississauga, ON

JD is one of the most hardworking individuals I know and is passionate about dance, art, and helping others. He's been teaching kids in athletics and dance for years - highly recommend!

Feisal B.
Mississauga, ON

Had a chance to learn under this guy! I had zero dance experience and he made me better, and I performed with JD in front of hundreds of people!

Kobe M.
Milton, ON

I love JD’s energy and I have fun learning new dance moves with him! Even during virtual dance classes, he’s still very engaging and makes everyone feel comfortable when participating, giving us the same vibe we would get if we were all in the same studio together. Can’t wait to go to more of his classes and learn more dance moves!

Abby M.
Mississauga, ON

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